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RAW Metal Tray - Large


The first thing you will notice about the Large Raw Rolling Tray is its covered with Raw emblems, with smaller icons in the right hand corner re-affirming why Raw papers are one of the leading brands with-in the smoking world. The tray itself is made from a high grade premium metal which will not bend, warp or become flexible, no matter what you do to it! All over the tray you will notice that it mimics the criss crosses found on their rolling papers as well as all four corners being completely rounded off. The Raw medium tray is smooth to the touch, easy to wipe down with a cloth if needed and can easily double up as your dinner tray. The rolling tray is 34cm in length and 28cm in width, perfect size to hold all your smoking papers, cones, filters and rolling machines.

*Raw Large Tray
*NON Flexible
*Sturdy and Durable
*Smooth Curved Edges
*High Quality
*Length: 34cm (340mm)
*Width: 28cm (280mm)
*Metal Tray
*Made By Raw